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On behalf of the Hubei University of Technology and Ningxia Normal University, we are glad to invite experts, scholars, researchers and enterprises from home and abroad to attend the 2024 International Conference on Software Engineering, Computer Modeling and Mechatronics Engineering (SECMME 2024), this academic conference will be held at Chongqing, China on June 29-30, 2024.

SECMME 2024 is the one of the most comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of these most advanced topics. Through the joint efforts and support of everyone, this year, it is the first time of SECMME to be hosted. The goal of SECMME 2024 is to bring the researchers from academia and industry as well as participants together to share the newest researches and ideas, also problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of software engineering, computer modeling, computer simulation, computer science, mechanical engineering and mechatronics engineering, promoting the development of these disciplines effectively. The updating of complete list of topics is finished. Please click the Call for Papers section to know more related information. We are glad to see you in our conference!

Keynote Speakers

The SECMME 2023 program will include a number of keynote plenary lectures by distinguished scientists in the different areas covered by the main theme of the conference, to provide thematic presentations of their most recent findings. The names of the following keynote speakers and the titles of their presentations have already been confirmed (ordered by date of confirmation):


●Prof. Christos M. Grecos, University of West of Scotland, UK 

●Dr. W. M. Cheung, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 

●Dr. Rosniza Hussin, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

●Asso. Prof. Xu Han, Hunan University, China

●Dr. Li M., University of Science and Technology of China, China 

●Assistant chief engineer, Hao Yang, China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd, China

●Prof. Lankun Cai, Shandong University, China






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